Jun 12, 2011

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 6.09.11

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Every damn book in the pile that was handed to me last week carried the Green Lantern movie banner (very smart ad placement DC!!) and half of em with the Flashpoint treatment-- sorry Marvel & Indie readers, but I will make it quick:  Birds of Prey #13 / Citizen Cold #1 / Deathstroke #1 / Emperor Aquaman #1 / Booster Gold #45 / Titans #36 / Batman and Robin #24 and the choice reads were...

3   Booster Gold #45   Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund
Jurgens gets to relive his youth in Flashpoint by bringing together two of his creations in Booster and Doomsday.  Booster is thought to be an Atlantean scout looking to get the drop on the US so the military sends out their secret weapon K out on BG.  Though the dramatic entrance of the Kryptonian beast in his  

containment suit is what we know, Doomsday being able to talk & shoot the shit with our hero is quite different.  Neat approach on making DD just a mindless drone as he is being controlled remotely by an aged version of a very militant Captain Atom.
Booster ends up saving some rich chick with an aged 90's doo (like most of Jurgens drawings) that ends up being a meta too-- who it is, I dunno but I am sure it will unfold later.

Some of the Vanishing Point story threads are brought up again as Booster puts it together that it is Zoom that is behind all of the drastic changes in this timeline/reality.  Nice to have the original creative team back on this book as Giffen's take was a bit aged, slow-moving and a few steps back from where Johns and Jurgens has propelled this dope character.

2  Emperor Aquaman  #1  Tony Bedard & Adrian Syaf  / Vicente Cifuentes
I really love the edgy, sinister portrayal of Aquaman from Blackest Night, to Brightest Day and now in Flashpoint.  

Bedard and Co. do a fab job on showing us how Emperor Aquaman was able to send most of Europe into the ocean depths of his Kingdom.  Real crafty use of Geo-Force as a weapon to manipulate the Earth to project the deadly-massive tidalwaves and oh snap!!!

The disjointed means by which the narration is woven is ill.  We thought Aquaman was lethal in this new, changed world...how about Wonder Woman?!  Cruising around with Mera's helmet after taking off her head-- literally.  Crazy, crazy violent, dark and loving every flipping page of it.  Syaf/Cifuentes art combo is geek-gastic eyecandy.

1  Deathstroke #1    Jimmy Palmiotti & Joe Bennett / John Dell
With most Palmiotti reads (minus his stint on Power Girl) you can expect some raunchy, bloody, balls-out action.  You got it here folks!  Genius shit pitting Warlord and Slade against eachother as savage, pirates.  Bennett shines as usual though it is great to see how well he works in a setting where there are virtually no women.  

Though we see Emperor Aquaman and Ocean Master wipeout all of Deathstroke and his crew of the cursed Ravager in but 2 panels of Flashpoint-- thankfully we get this 3 ish stint on a perfectly linked world as Slade going from Bounty Hunter numero uno to the most feared of the Pirates-- YARRR!!

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