May 7, 2011

WTF moment of the week- Free Comic Book Day!

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"It's a celebration b*tches!!!!!"  - Rick James

First Saturday in May brings the celebration of the wild, world of comics nationwide in the form of exclusive comicbooks at a price of free ninety-nine from the publishers, writers/artists/ creators making appearances to support their local shops, creative events/sales to make some extra skrill from the crazy traffic and of course the ever-loving fans that bring their undying passion to make every shop feel like a mini-con for a day.

As I was cruising the El Camino to make way to my first stop, I couldn't help but smile and honk at the cosplayers in front of Illusive Comics that were helping to create buzz and

awareness of FCBD to otherwise unknowing, non-book buying peeps.  Pulled up to my regular Wednesday stomping grounds of Comics Conspiracy and was happy to see a bunch of families and new faces that were obviously there to pickup some free books, swag and everything else FCBD. 

Ryan, my homie and owner of the shop was all smiles (a rare sight cos he is emo).  But seeing firsthand all the energy and hustle of readers pummeling through the stands, shelves, bins and throwing their hard-earned dough into his register-- well how can you not be all happy?!  Good stuff.  If you are a back-ish hunter and budget conscious, you will love Ryan's shop.  Hands down da best one stop in da Bay for everything comics

& da staff rawk.  After picking up some indie books that I normally don't pull-- Locke & Key, Super Dinosaur, Criminal Macabre and a Green Lantern wave 2 classic 3- pack that I got mainly for B'dg,  said laters and made way to my O.G. shop from High School days-- The Comic Collector Shop (previously R&K Comics).

Phil and Danger were on-hand answering a bunch of questions to kids and other non-regulars along with even pulling down some of their fab wall books (means you are throwing down some cha-ching!!)
I was able to score the rare, obscure FCBD special- The Misadventures of Adam West, Boom Studio's Elric, Mouseguard and a sweet silver-age Wein/Rogers' Detective Comics 477.  Score!!
Getting everything I was hoping to find of all the FCBD books-- I saved my stop to Illusive Comics for last being it is close to home and I knew it would be a bit of a zoo thanks to a special guest appearance of SF's own James Robinson.

Entered and said whaddup to Tim and Anna and was floored by the crowd...that , yes I knew would be there and all..this is James Robinson we are talking about right?!  I went straight to James, who was very gracious and looked to have a genuinely good time with his fans-- said congrats on his recent marriage and then went straight over to some 501st and talked story on everything Imperial.  Yeah, how we do!!!

How did you celebrate FCBD?! 

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