May 25, 2011

toy collectwhore: Red Lantern Mera

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I have never really been a fan of Aquaman.  I am not alone in that being Arthur Curry and every other iteration of the superman of the sea has been a book that was consistently killed off.  Things have changed in my love for Atlantean heroes since DC mega-events Blackest Night and Brightest Day-- because of the fabulous Mera (and ahem..Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis).

Red Lantern Mera
Artistic Integrity:   This fig is a thing of beauty.  So many reasons to love it-- the most obvious standout is the amount of incredible detail put into Mera.  From the nasty scowl to the protruding bones, a trident that looks identical to the books along with nearly every other aspect of the mold mimicking how she is illustrated.

DC Direct could have gone the easy route in making her costume a nice bright red as it is without all of the immaculate sculpting that looks as if each scale was placed on the fig individually.

But, oh no they didn't.

Take a look at the art below and we get the rare situation of the figure standing out even more so than the art.  Love Nicola Scott, but DC Direct really worked their toy-mojo on this one.

 4 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor:  The redic craftsmanship that you see in every scale of her fit makes you all but overlook that there is less than 10 points of articulation.

Sure, Mera is quite limited in how she can be posed but when you put her on the shelf amongst the rest of the collection-- she pops right out.

I so appreciate how Geoff Johns helped to push having a bunch of obscure, C and D-level characters put to the plastic so that we can rock em in all of their fabulous glory.

How awesome is it that they included a Red Lantern Dex-Starr?!  Very, very cool yo!
4 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
So can't wait until this Fall so that I can add a Red Lantern Guy Gardner to the rest of the Red Lanterns that will also be featured in their very own book around the same time via the scribework of Peter Milligan.  And let's hope that we get to see Mera revisit some of her rage in those pages.

4 out of 5 shakas

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