Apr 8, 2011

Wondercon 2011 Edition: Cosplayin It

8:41 AM

For those of you that get down with the the get down on cosplay at the cons, know you gotta step up your game every other show whether it be with costuming /makeup /accessory details, hooking up with a gang of other similar-themed cosplayers, researching those authentic action poses, partnering with a fab photographer to cover all of your mad action and of course the all important "handler"-- especially if you are going solo.
This year I elevated my TK-stylee by installing some fans in the bucket(helmet), contouring the armor more to my body with strategically placed industrial velcro and finally hooking up a boom mic and speaker in the bucket and chest hull.  Everything worked out well minus the fact that I just didn't take into mind the problem of over-condensation that wore down the glue in one of my fans and the mic.  With those kind of things you just can't always account for until it goes wrong.  Lesson learned.   

Was so crazy how this year felt so much more congested from the past few years but despite the crazy crowds and madness I always get re-energized from chatting & taking pics with all the attendees, kids and just enthusiastic on-lookers that don't know why the hell everyone is dressed up! I took it upon myself to help with the street traffic a bit and even put the smack down on some Rebel-scum.  Gotta keep it Imperial-- you know how we do!

Major props to everyone that came thru and showed up with all their creativity and passion in cosplay-- especially to the major standouts for me-- the Warriors Three, The Justice League of Gender Benders, Zatanna & Vixen, Babydoll, Hitgirl & Kickass, the performing Poison Ivy, the 501st, Ghostbusters, Blade, Reptile and everyone else that flat-out killed it.

Oh and did we catch you in some of these shots?? Drop us a line! More Wondercon photos will be uploaded this weekend.

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