Apr 22, 2011

SFIFF54: Opening Weekend Preview

6:33 PM

It's that time again for you to take in all the indie/global cinema grinds that you can handle with the 54th Annual San Francisco International Film Fest-- that kicked off with a thrill-ride last night for the Opening film, Beginners-- with the one and only Master Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) just making it to the Q&A session after the screening. 
Photo Credit: Pamela Gentile, Courtesy of San Francisco Film Society

As always I had to do my pre-event recon by checking out how the SFFS posse fitted out the always lively Filmore/Nihonmachi hood for the 2-week long festivities.  Started by cruising over to the Press office/Media Center right around the corner from my old Korean watering hole (Arang) and was delighted by seeing how amazing of a spacious, open layout (versus last year) they had that was definitely more comfortable & lended itself better for chilling/networking.  Great job ya'll, especially on the wetbar ; P

After spending enough time thinking about what kind of films I wanted to catch thru the weekend-- decided to kickoff SFIFF54 with the following flicks:

Hahaha   South Korea, 2010
Directed by Hong Sang-soo  
Why?  Two homies get together to drink (SOJU!!) and talk story on their experiences cruising through some small, seaside town.  They ended up going to the same spot, posted with the same folks and umm probably got freaky with the same chick. K-DRAMA fo your mama!      

Fri, Apr 22

     6:15 / Kabuki 

Mon, Apr 25

  9:00 / Kabuki 

Tue, Apr 26

   3:30 / Kabuki

Microphone  Egypt, 2010
Directed by Ahmad Abdalla
Why?  How does the struggling urban, hip-hop movement look, sound and taste like in a Muslim-cityscape that is oppresive and don't appreciate the arts?  Well, something like this. 
Fri, Apr 22     9:15 / Kabuki

Sun, Apr 24

   2:00 / New People 

Wed, Apr 27

  1:30 / Kabuki

Hospitalit√©  Japan, 2010
Directed by Koji Fukada  
Why?  An old dood with a hawt, young wifey lets some gaijin-devils(foreigners) live with them.  Oh, they are in Tokyo and hence have no space for themselves to live in.  The Brazilian chick to the left is nekkid through most of the film.  Done and done. 
Sat, Apr 23   9:00 / New People 
Thu, Apr 28  6:30 / New People

Sat, Apr 30

   8:15 / Palace of Fine Arts

Stake Land  USA, 2010
Directed by Jim Mickle 
Why?  A post-apocalyptic future where you gotta deal with not only zombies, but vampire-zombies! Yikes!!  Hey it's Kelly McGillis everyone.  Be scurred...  

Fri, Apr 22

   11:30 / Kabuki 

Mon, Apr 25

   9:45 / Kabuki
The Troll Hunter  Norway, 2010
Directed by Andr√© Ovredal  
Why?  Not an internet-based scary story.  Bunch of students documenting troll-sightings end up getting killed off cause, well trolls don't like stupid kids.  They return the favor by becoming...TROLL HUNTERS! 

Sat, Apr 23

   11:30 / Kabuki 

Mon, Apr 25

   6:15 / New People

What flicks will you all be peeping at SFIFF???!!  Let us know. 

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