Feb 16, 2011

Dark Knight Rises the Sexiness - Enter Talia Al Ghul and Black Mask

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Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced this morning the addition of more Inception alumni to Dark Knight Rises with Marion Cotillard to play the heiress, seductress of Talia Al Ghul and Joseph Gordon Levitt to take on the role of demented, mob boss Black Mask. 

At first this press release was debunked as a fake but WBE has confirmed shortly after that the sexy casting add-ons are the genuine article.  These additions add so many more angles that can be played out in Nolan's final arc with the Al Ghul clan coming back to haunt Bruce Wayne from the first flick and of course, the Black Mask filling the power vacuum left behind by the Joker-- just like in the books!  Right, right!!

Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been cast in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and will join an ensemble cast alongside Christian Bale who returns in the title role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. They will play Talia al Ghul and Roman Sionis respectively.
On casting Cotillard, Director Christopher Nolan stated, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Marion again and have no doubt she will be a great addition to our ensemble cast and bring to life a key part of the universe we have created as we finish our story.”
On the addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nolan said, “I am thrilled to be working with Joseph again after a delightful experience working with him on Inception and am certain he will deliver another thrilling performance as one of Batman’s most popular villains.”
Nolan will direct the film from a screenplay he wrote with Jonathan Nolan, from a story by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. Nolan will also produce the film with his longtime producing partner, Emma Thomas, and Charles Roven.
The Dark Knight Rises is slated for release on July 20, 2012. The film will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
For those not familiar with the lore of Talia Al Ghul-- she represents the closest thing to a significant other to Bats-- besides well Selina Kyle/Catwoman, but what Talia and Bruce share is a son (biological, unlike Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake) in Damian Wayne(played out in Grant Morrison's Batman and Son arc).

In recent comics continuity, Talia has attempted to erase all of Catwoman's memories shared with Batman to further break Bruce Wayne's connections to other women in his life. Love triangles are just the best, yeah!

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