Jan 17, 2011

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 1.12.11

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With DC leading the charge in 2011 by keeping some paper in our pockets by re-pricing monthly books at $2.99, I don't mind 9 of the 12 weekly pickups being plastered with those simplistic, yet bold character & logo white splash covers:  Booster Gold #40 / Titans #31 / Batman and Robin #19 / Infinite Vacation #1 / R.E.B.E.L.S. #24 / Widowmaker #3 / Justice League: Generation Lost #17 / Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #6 / Batgirl #17 / Birds of Prey #8 / Casanova II: Gula #1 / Secret Six #29

5   Secret Six #29   Gail Simone & Marcos Marz
Lex and Savage's battle of the bulge finishes in one of my top monthly reads of 2010.  Ragdoll plays narrator as a demented cherub, as if they were all dead from the explosive negotiation at LexCorp.  With no surprise, Lex has a backup plan that involves murdering Savage's only heir-- which of course works to his benefit (this is Lex's story afterall!).         

After a series of skirmishes between the Six and Loisbot/Lex-- they all jump in his forcefield bubble and find a peaceful agreement that leaves everyone but Lex as the losers.  As usual you get numerous drops of Simone's dark, fun humor and Marz fills in well for another of my fave artists J. Calfiore.  Next up for the Six?  The Doom Patrol and a sick Cliff Chiang cover!!!

4   Casanova II: Gula #1   Matt Fraction & Fabio Moon
I missed the boat on the first run of Fraction/Moon's Cassanova just like I did with Nick Spencer's super-hot Morning Glories, but not this week buddy (notice how I picked up his new title, Infinite Vacation) !!  So the introductory summary did a good job of explaining things for newbs like me but whenever you are dealing with an indie that involves time travel and multi-dimensions--  shit can just be confusing.  

But it don't matter that you don't have your mind wrapped around all the persona's and motives cos you have mesmerizing, unadulterated art pieces courtesy of the man that brought us Daytripper.

Highly entertaining script filled with mostly scumbag characters that you can't help but follow around as everyone is riddled with "when is Casanova Quinn?"  I dunno either, but will be on the galactic trail to find out.

3   Birds of Prey #8   Gail Simone & Guillem March
In chapter 2-- the Death of Oracle-- Calculator continues his search (seems endless, yeah?!) to hunt down and destroy Oracle.  A bunch of his hired guns face off against the Birds, while Hawk looks for some payback on Penguin.   

The Dark Knight enters the fray to team with Canary on some balletic action that all but gives an on-looking Huntress a standing O.   Oracle miscalculates a strategy to use Batman in gaining an edge by taking a fall but it backfires and puts her her whole team in jeopardy.  

Looks like some karma is coming back from Oracles' techno-mindwipe on Calculator.  The ever-evolving, dynamic and flat out sexy art of Guillem March shines in this ish.   

If you wanna take part in helping to upgrade Oracle's wheels-- peep Gail Simone's call for help here.

 2   Batgirl #17   Bryan Q. Miller & Pere Perez
The teamup of the newschool Robin & Batgirl have easily been some of the most entertaining stories to date thanks to Mr. Miller.  Loads of their persona are like complete opposites with Damian always the serious mini-me of his pops, while Stephanie is a less cerebral, fun-loving younger version of Barbara Gordon.

Pere Perez' hardwork as an inker for Lee Garbett the last year has paid its dues with his plotting and finishing now being the visuals on the book.  Is it just  me or has Brazil and Spain been the primary source for the best artists in comics today?!   The setup of having to save some Elementary kids was perfect for having Robin go 21 Jumpstreet and roll in some kiddie-gear and "play" with other 10 yr olds can't help but make you smile.  Continually, Batgirl is the most consistent, solid book of all the Bat-books after Batman & Robin.

1   Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors     Peter J. Tomasi & Fernando Pasarin
Guy comes clean with his GL crew on the secret pact between him, Ganthet and the Red Lantern to destroy the renegade Guardian, Krona.  What I didn't expect was Arisia and Kilowog calling it quits on their mission.  This pits Bleez and Gardner on their own to face the unknown in Kralok.

Sodam Yat continues on his lame path and comes across the carcasses of the recently dead GLC being eaten by some scavenging creatures.  This ends up being a trap set to gain access to the greatest power of the Green Lanterns-- Ion.

Things continually look more and more bleak and hopeless for the Emerald Warriors as the stage for the War of the Green Lanterns is approaching closer. 

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