Jan 21, 2011

WTF moment of the week- Miss Martian is a MILF

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Just finished catching the new episode of Young Justice titled, "Return to Happy Harbor." After watching on with expectations of living up to the bombass opening salvo (Independence Day) I felt a bit underwhelmed.  With the repetition of the young heroes continually attempting to taking on the first (and hopefully last) hipster villain -- Mr. Twister (sorry robots can't where skarfs!)-- individually and then realizing, hey...if we work together as a team we can beat the crap of these leftover Red Tornado parts!!!

Overall, I was in the wrong mindset and re-watched it again realizing all of the wonderful, subtle goodies that were spread around this fab-a-douchous animation.  First, hey how about that spicy lil' bit of Speedy not joining up with the group.  Tons of friends on forums are betting their money on Artemis being the promised "first kill" but lets face it-- the Red Arrow is doomed.  Remember this is not an Earth 2 story-- we are on Earth 16 here right??

Every marketing asset out there proves it.  Oh how about Miss Martian??!!  She is the brains and heart behind the team and secretly wants to be Wonder-Woman with her ability to make her martian aircraft go "invisible jet."  Good fun.

On the second go around I realized, damn her voice seems so familiar-- it was haunting me..I finally gave up jumped on Google search and whoa.  Low and behold Miss Martian is voice acted by of all people Winnie Cooper!!!!!  As much as things have changed in our lives-- somethings are still the same, like Danica McKellar still being one, real-deal, hawt thang.

Yes, I caught that episode of Big Bang Theory, but sadly missed that issue of Stuff...thank you interwebs!!  Loved the insertion of Red Tornado stalker #1 Professor Ivo.  Episode 4, Drop Zone!!!  Here is some new footage that shows Batman's hit squad going covert spec ops on some Kobra agents.  

And what's this?? Could it be a Bane appearance?!  Looks like the kids are about to get the hurt on far worse from the last whooping they got.

Whoa That's Fresh!

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