Oct 28, 2010

WTF moment of the week- Halloween Cosplay Edition 2010

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Halloween officially starts for me tonight through the weekend where I go as my usual go-to.  If you are still up in the air on what to rock, we got you covered.  Here is our Top 5 countdown on what to wear this year on a day where everyone is in cosplay!

5    Hide Yo Kids/Wife guy
Sure, you won't stand out as an original at the party, but at least you can gather with the other Dodheads and bust the auto-tune "Hide Yo Kids/Wife/Car" routine!

The most recognizable, new YouTube star is super easy to dress as at a mere Halloween budget of the cost of the wig ($15).  You are sure to have a red bandana and black tanktop around the casa.

4    Chilean Miner(s)
Like the Dodson costume, you are sure to find many of these oakley wearin cats rolling around the bars/parties.  And this costume is also on the cheap-- be sure to have some knockoff oakleys, a hard-hat, jumpsuit of any color and mark your face up with black makeup.

If you are able to gather 32 of your friends to dress the same way, even better!

3    Angry Birds
No surprise to see this one pop up either!  Just came across the Angry Bird cosplay this morning.  This could be one of the more fun ways to meet people this Halloween by propelling yourself at strangers and of course screaming out the famous bird chirps.

Love the high socks!!!!  This one will require some skill & time to make.

2   80's Retro Chic
Whether it's zombies, Tron, GI Joe, Thundercats, Transformers, Robotech or any other by-product of the 80s, its still hawt.

My personal fave is the sadistic, sexiness of the Baroness.  Cosplay extraordinaire-- Alodia-chan makes me wish I head a silver dome to rock with her.

1   The Human Centipede
If you don't know about this instant cult classic, The Human Centipede...
now you know!  The siamese triplet is a tough sell, but if you are able to get two chicks to join you in this-- you will steal the show.

Tops if you are able to get a friend to be the crazed surgeon...Happy Halloween ya'll!!  Our pics will be here.

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