Oct 19, 2010

indie rawkus- Interpol at The Fox Theatre

11:13 AM

Last night was a damn good time in the 510, where I was able to catch Interpol-- who are on tour for their new self-titled album.  Their crazy tour that brings em to a different city, damn near every day from the East to West and back home to NYC-- then thru Europe until March 2011.  These cats must love what they do.
And it mos def shows in their mesmerizing, natural performance that I was finally able to catch live (I must have tried to watch em 3 other times only to end in FAIL).  Not this time son.

Banks (vocals/lead guitar) was as good live as he sounds over the iPod, Kessler (rhythm guitar, back vocals) maniacally danced and strummed like there was no tomorrow, while Fogarino (drums), Pajo (bass) and Curtis (keyboards, back vocals) kept things smooth, chill and melodic.
The crowd was hyped but not to the point where heads were getting pushed around and cos of that we spent most of our time in the front of the floor.  Very rare for a house that was so jam-packed.

In ways that I can't quite explain, the vibe through the evening was so adrenaline-fueled, with fans chanting lyrics on cue and yet, some peeps looked relaxed enough to pass the eff out.

Hmm...Maybe it was all the pakalolo revolving through the floor.  Check out "Summer Well" one of the better tracks from their 4th album.

Oh and if you wanna pretend we were hanging out at the show, rocking out in the 510-- just lounge and listen here.

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