Aug 6, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 8.4.2010

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A nice week back to normalcy allows some relaxation and much needed catch up with friends that usually ends in norebang!! (karaoke tip: belting anything by Chicago just rocks!!!)  Thanks pals.  Here are the pickups I scooped up and devoured:  S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 / Secret Six #24 / Brightest Day #7 / Shadowland #2 / Secret Warriors #18 / Red Hood: The Lost Days #3 / JSA All-Stars #9

1  S.H.I.E.L.D. #3   Jonathan Hickman & Dustin Weaver  The beautiful thing about this book is-- how absurd of an idea it must have been to everyone at Marvel when Hickman proposed on telling a time-spanning tale of SHIELD-- and how some of its members included that of Imhotep, DaVinci, Galileo and Nostradamus.
If I was one of the big-wigs listening in with Slott, Quesada and Buckley I woulda shouted out bullshit and asked why in the hell is Benjamin Franklin not included in the mix so we can make it more of an "excellent adventure."

So we all know how silly that would be, but how incredible is it that this story in all of it's grandiose approach and complexity(yes, this is a Marvel comic after all) can be soo dayuum good! 

In three issues we see more of how SHIELD is a fraternal (thank goodness women are allowed in their club now, or it would be too much of a sausage fest) band of protectors that have gone as far as changing our calendar to the Gregorian system-- to cover up for the changes they have made to our world-- in battling threats like- Galactus.

Weaver is an illustrator-beast and Hickman lets down his hair in binding more and more twisted concepts that he has practiced in Pax Romana, making the Pope a figure head for the real-power holders...SHIELD.  I love this book so, so much it almost makes me want to open my recently acquired Galactus and play with it...okay forget I said that.  Thanks.

2  Secret Six #24  Gail Simone & J. Califiore   The cowboy theme that has been all the rage with Jonah Hex and the recent Return of Bruce Wayne- are so outdone by this wild-west imagined stunner where the Six are all time-warped and each character is cast in ways that perfectly suit their persona.  Here is the quick

and dirty-- Floyd / bounty-hunter, Vandal / Sheriff, Bane & Kay / deputies, Jeanette / whore, Ragdoll / street performer, Catman / captive

Califiore is dead on with the dusk till dawn environments and fatigues while Miss Gail rocks the dialogue tight and keeps true to the essence of the book.

Banshee and Deadshot steal the show for me with their douchy/slutty nastiness and as always- Ragdoll shines. Whip all of this together in a believable stage and throw in one of their main baddie--Slade (Deathstroke)!!!!  The crowd goes wild ya'll!!!  This shit is bloody and violent, yet nothing but love, unicorns and rainbows for this magical ish.

3  Brightest Day #7  Johns, Tomasi, Reis, Gleason, Syaf, Clark & Prado   Many questions regarding the who, what, why and how on the resurrected are answered by the immovable White Lantern with only more questions that we will have to wait see played out.  Either way, this maxi-series is developing and shaping
out to be the kinda book I don't want to ever end.

Deadman finally gets his burger and this brings him and his other ex-Black Lanterns-- to realize they are all here as guardian replacements for the White Lantern, that is dying-- and each have individual task/missions to see through.

Some of the geeky, crotch-tent moments for me was when Hawkman lights up and makes all the Hawkworld primates go cuckoo and seeing how Max Lord willl need to bring the horny, lame-ass Magog to his bitter end before he creates war.  Yay!  Like I said with the last issue , the visuals are much more fluid and what you expect from such top-notch creators.  I just couldn't help but pickup that sick variant by Ryan Sook!  Sook it to me!!!

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