Jul 7, 2010

New Trailer- The Green Hornet

11:57 AM

Thanks to the homies at iFanboy, got to take in my first footage (this is the official International trailer) of this film that due to its steeped origins of keeping down the yellow (hello, we all know this should have been a series called Kato and Green Hornet in the 70s!)-- I was never interested in supporting it-- and that was even when one of my fave HK Director/Actors, Stephen Chow was associated with the flick.

So the creative is all recast with Michel Gondry heading up direction and a talented cast of the funnyman Seth Rogen with his jew-fro in the lead role and a guaranteed seat-seller (in Asia) with Taiwanese superstar- Jay Chou as Kato.  Throw in the uber-talented Christoph Walz as the villian and guess what-- I just might peep this shit out.

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