Jul 15, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 7.15.2010

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A week before SDCC and going bananas prepping for all the cray-cray that will be going down when everyone lets their geek-flag fly high!  But first-- let's talk story on some of these reads that will make your mouth water:  Daytripper #8 / Brave and the Bold #35 /Batman #701 / Booster Gold #34 / Birds of Prey #3 / Daredevil #508 / Justice League: Generation Lost #5 / Adventure Comics #516 /Titans #25 / Batgirl #12 / Superman #701

1   Daredevil #508  Andy Diggle & Roberto De Le Torre
... this book was that fucking good folks.  Yeah, Lord DD and his horny band of ninjas tear it up from the first to last page.  In this ish Diggle and De Le Torre let us feast on what they have been cooking up for us from all the Shadowland prequel books to the opener-- continuing the dark plunge of the Hand's new Shogun.

Only into the second part of Shadowland yet this arc feels so well conceptualized- making me think how incredible a mini-event can be if it's not over-saturated.  In a lot of ways I feel that Diggle is busting the same story-driven greatness that Geoff Johns achieved in Sinestro Corps War.

De Le Torre's art is as usual amazing but it seems like he is having just as much fun creating in Shadowland, as we are in taking in his visual magic.  I appreciated how they brought Foggy and Dakota back in to show just how far gone Matt is from his old-self.

The bloody hand mark left on those that dare to cross the new order in Shadowland is just crazy.  And damn that White Tiger is one conniving hoochie-mama yeah?!  I expect all of this not to go over very well with his Avenger buddies.  Elektra to the rescue??  Hmm....

2  Justice League: Generation Lost #5 Judd Winick & Aaron Lopresti  
This is what I am talking about.  Winick merges the beloved JLI oddball antics while infusing a more, appropriate seriousness that this book deserves with the return of one of the most deadly, diabolical villains in the DCU.

The flashback cutscenes between Booster and Max Lord could not have better highlighted their emotional ties yet showing a history of how BG has been so easily manipulated by his onetime friend and mentor.

We have all had that experience of being betrayed or just flat-out burned from someone who held our trust and damn it hurts.  Lopresti captures the drama brilliantly like other faves of mine-- Nicola Scott and J. Califiore.  There couldn't be a better creative team to execute this book that has become one of the better Brightest Day titles out now.   Just hoping that Giffen, DeMatteis and Bautista could compare notes a bit more so the tone between this title and Booster Gold is not so off.

3  Batman #701  Grant Morrison & Tony Daniel    
Thank you for filling in the blanks between RIP and Final Crisis yo!!    From many forums, message boards and some DC Nation panels we all got the time-line, how Bruce was able to go Zurrenrah on us, then still
have time to get omega blasted to the past-- but it really makes more of an impact being able to see it in pages.

Morrison, thankfully is the one voicing out this missing story for us with Daniel right where he needs to be destroying panels.  I have said this time and time again-- though I appreciate a creator that can be in all-in-one cover artist, writer and interior artist-- when the quality is of the book is altered, we all lose.

Though Daniel will be taking over again as writer/artist after this arc, I know we will all cherish this dope duo while we got em.

The depiction of Bruce Wayne through the first five pages stands out there as canon for the Dark Knight.  Props again to Daniel for continually progressing in his stylistic designs of Bats and being right up there with David Mazzucchelli, Frank Quietly and Jim Lee as the definitive Batman artists.

Superman #701 was an expected departure from every other Supes story out there and I am optimistic that through the next issues it will feel less philosophical/Forrest Gump(y).  Batgirl #12 had its high points and overall was quite good, but at times the shifts from reality to online was erratic and hard to follow.  Lastly, Adventure Comics #516 covered a needed origin of RJ Brande, but in just 7 or less pages- Lemire & Asrar's The Atom feature was so much more engrossing.  Sorry Levitz, just saying!

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