Jun 21, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 6.17.2010

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The Hawaiian-time edition (in Oahu now) with a light week thanks to some books that never made their way to the West Coast (Birds of Prey #2 & Batman Beyond #1) so I just scooped up these 6 regular pickups: Brightest Day #4 / DCU Legacies #2 / Blackwidow #3 / The New Avengers #1 / Dark Wolverine #87 / Executive Assistant Iris #5

1  Brightest Day #4  Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, Ivan Reis, David Finch, Adrian Syaf
The twists and turns of this bi-weekly continues following the likes of dem cursed Thanagorians, the Aqua-peeps (hmm...looks like they are trying to make up for killing off a prominent ethnic character- Ryan Choi/Atom 3, by bringing us a Black kid as the new Aqualad..) Deadman, who was caught playing peeping-tom on Dove and you know Hawk has to rough em up a bit.

Like most multi-collab books- the art, tone and pacing can at times be splintered like an annual, but with Tomasi and Johns at the helm of BD-- the quality has been solid, keeping this book on top of my read and review pile.

2  DC Universe Legacies #2   Len Wein, the Kuberts & JH Williams III
I didn't plan on making this a regular read, but with the legend-- Len Wein along with the whole Kubert clan-- how can this not be mandatory reading for all.

DCU Legacies plays family tree with heroes/villians from the Golden age (to those of today, ish 3 starts on Silver Age) which isn't a new take by any means but the fresh, contemporary approach -- throwing JH3 in the mix to bust his sick seq(uencial madness)
on the original Seven Soldiers-- only makes things more compelling.

DCU Legacies is a title replacing some of the reads that have fallin out of flavor- which I will go into later.

3  Black Widow #3  Marjorie Liu & Daniel Acuna
Marjorie Liu has taken this sexy spy-thriller to greatness which wasn't what many thought could happen especially following the mighty pen of Paul Cornell in the mini.

What I love most about Black Widow is the retcon approach of making the Black Widow program kinda like the Soviet version of Weapon X.  This pushes her mythos into being like a female Logan-- making us question things like where her allegiance is really held, who are these mysterious enemies that stole her database (and baby?)-- and the most important of em all- just how old is this fly mama?  Daniel Acuna rips it and I will keep flipping this with these two creative killers on board.

The bottom 3 of my pulls have come to an end thanks more in part to better books being out there that I wanna keep throwin my 3.99 at.  So in place of New Avengers, I will be covering Secret Avengers, Dark Wolvie will be killed off for Black Widow and the Aspen title that mainly peaked interest cos of those incredible covers (Manapul on #2- yeahyah!) will be replaced with the higher substance of Daytripper.


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