Jun 3, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 6.03.2010

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Quite light reads for this late shipment Holiday week, but still some quality of what came out today.  Picked up the following:  Superman/Batman Annual #4 / Brightest Day #3 /  Red Hood: The Lost Days #1 / Justice Society of America #39 / izombie #2 / JSA All-Stars #7 / Adventure Comics #12 / Avengers Prime #1

1  Superman / Batman Annual #4  Paul Levitz & Renato Guedes
I picked this up cause I have been interested in chronicling Levitz return to writing and just look at that beautiful cover?  Compelling as hell yeah!  50 pages later and I felt that buzz after reading Old Man Logan, but instead of a gramps version of Wolverine, Hawkeye and Hulk you get a geriatric Lex Luthor, Superman and Batman Beyond.

Levitz showed me how his work is timeless (maybe it just feels aged when he touches Superboy and the Legion) and why the hell has Guedes only been bustin covers??  Man, I would have to say that he is probably one of the most fascinating artists out of Brazil-- which is a tall order-- being that puts him in the same breath as Ivan Reis, Mike Deodato and Eddy Barrows.

The pace is perfect, the atmosphere was Blade Runner-esque and the whole Ghost-angle was haunting and refreshing.  You will love what I am taking about-- get it, get it!

2  Brightest Day #3  Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, David Finch, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Adrian Syaf
From 52 to Countdown and now Brightest Day-- it seems that DC has realized with more production time, you get a better product.  It also helps to have a concept like Blackest Night to play with.  Aquaman and Mera's arc is tops so far, Deadman is becoming cooler as the story unravels, Firestorm is still lame, J'onn & the Hawks rawk but where the hell is Reverse Flash at? 

We saw a snippet of Digger and Maxwell Lord in earlier issues but I am just hoping that they have something special in store for us on the one character I was really looking to get some shine in BD.  I like the suspense they are bustin it in a manner that does draw in the origins naturally but keeping the story woven as it needs to be to keep us hooked.  What am I saying, we will be back for #4 even if it sucked  just to be sure we have a full set yeah? Hahaha.

3  Red Hood: The Lost Days  Judd Winick & Pablo Raimondi
As I thought, this mini really dissects more of the general story bridged from Winick's grand Red Hood finale in Batman Annual #25-- that shows how Superboy Prime played a part (during Infinite Crisis) in the revival of the dark boy wonder-- Jason Todd.

Talia Al Ghul plays a deeper role in this solid setup book for what should be a decent mini and hopefully doesn't end in a Red Hood that decides to be a redhead (love Morrison- but that was just wacky).

As for the bottom of the group which again I would like to stress are part of my regular pulls, its just not making me say hey, this is some good sh*t.

In JSA Allstars, Sturges & Williams II drops a touching story on the connection between Judomaster and the now deceased- Damage, who ate it during Blackest Night and was not one of the lucky to be revived (and who said DC doesn't kill heroes off anymore?!)  But just wasn't as quality as the surprisingly good monster mashup of izombie.  The problem with Adventure Comics was that I felt that Levitz was just vibing to closely on Johns & Manapul's Superboy arc when they started da book- the checklist and all, a bit too much repetition.  And Bendis/Davis Avengers Prime was just meh.  No where close to the quality in Secret Avengers or the good ole Avengers book. 

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