Jun 2, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Quesada Named CCO for Marvel Entertainment

10:00 AM

Joe Quesada, Cuban product of NYC and probably the best thing to come out of comics in the 90's (even though he was connected to a few chromium covers back at Valiant)-- was just announced hours ago on being promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.

Prior to this, Quesada was CCO & EIC to Marvel Animation and Publishing...whew.  For those not familiar with Quesada's rise to comics fame-- he is, along with Jimmy Palmiotti-- the reason Marvel Comics is the top publisher (in marketshare, not quality- just saying) they are today-- after being on the brink of failure and Chapt. 11 status in the late 90s.

IMO- this corporate move is more symbolic than anything as Quesada has already been carrying the heavyload and multiple hats across all Marvel platforms- movies, animation, comics- but what gets me thinking is how can one dood carry this much weight, especially with the rise of digital comics and continued proliferation of billion dollar films based on the Avengers.

As a fan and student of business, I would say that 3 is better than one.  What DC did just 4 months ago or so makes so much more sense with establishing 3 primary drivers in the seats of today's comics platforms- be it publishing, digital and movie/tv/licensing (toys, etc).  Oh wells...

Props to Joe and good luck man!  To date my fave work he has ever whipped up...

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