Jun 29, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- DC's Trinity Anniversary Issues

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June has been a month to celebrate for DC's big 3 with each respective book celebrating their 700th (Batman & Superman) and 600th issue (Wonderwoman).  

Sure, in reality each of these titles have had reboots and have not really gone through sequential numbering to hit the feat...thinking on it more only Batman was never reset to #1 (yes, a marketing tactic to get new readers to jump on) but either way you look at it-- what a great way to celebrate these symbols of heroism that have been here with us since the 40s-- and most likely will remain staples of pop culture long after we are gone.

Like most anniversary issues across the industry- each book is an all-star jam session of creators from past to present.  Batman #1 was released in April 1940 and sported the iconic yellow and red Bob Kane cover with Batman & Robin swinging like swingers do.  The art to the left is a sick shot of Superman: Earth One artist (paired with JMS), Shane Davis.

Superman, the image that comes to mind when one thinks superhero, had the first titled comic book ever made and was published on June 1939.  Joe Shuster rocked Superman #1 in what seems to be the popular color in yellow and in his classic "heisman" pose.

I just had to find a way to rock this stupid-fly art by Batman & Robin's cover artist extraordinaire, Frank Quitely.  This is the cover for the upcoming Absolute edition for Allstar Superman (which you have to read if you haven't yet!)

Everyone's fave amazon princess, got her own digs in June 1942 and of the three is the most powerful symbol with Wonder Woman helping to swing equality in gender rights being that prior to her creation, women were only background characters in comics

and not given the appropriate three-dimensional stories that really became a mainstay in the mid 90's -- mostly due to Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone's Birds of Prey.

The beautiful gallery stilll is mightly pencilled by my top 5 artist and current crush- Nicola Scott.  You can see just how much she has grown in her craft by checking out this similar piece she busted 2 years ago.

Thanks to DC's The Source for continually keeping us tuned in and sharing inside stories from the creators on these fab anniversary issues.

Those funny guys at Marvel use the Anniversary issues in ways that some of my friends gravitate towards anything that means they get to party.  Deadpool and Wolverine were each given the 900th ish treatment in  the last two years though both characters received their own regular books only in the 90s.

I just love how much DC and Marvel fight over Ryan Reynolds (playing lead in both Deadpool & Green Lantern in 2011) and David Finch.  Geez, there is enough of them to go around ya'll!  Bwhahahha.

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