May 10, 2010

RIP Frank Frazetta

10:44 AM

My childhood memories are filled with my older brother's (tim-chi) love for Conan and fantastical images of scantily-clad women that introduced me to the female anatomy, well- probably earlier than most kids.  The sole source of this was Frank Frazetta.  Along with Boris Vallejo, Frazetta created a roadmap to illustrating for my brother and millions of other fans for the last 5 decades.  Unbelievable.

For these reasons and more it is so tragic to hear of today's passing of Frank Frazetta, due to a stroke at the age of 82.

Frazetta touched nearly every creative medium in his life with an incomparable, gritty, but seductive style whether it be in comics, film, music and so on.  Without Frazetta, we may have never had the masters in paint illustration (focused on women) that we enjoy today in Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Yoshitaka Amano and Yusuke Nakano. 

Frank Frazetta, Rest in Peace (1928-2010)

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