May 21, 2010

Cinar is Killing It

10:18 PM

Turkish artist on the rise, Yildray Cinar made a big splash this week with the release of Legion of Super Heroes #1.  It speaks a lot of DC's belief in Cinar's work to be paired with the legend and recently defunct executive- Paul Levitz to bring back this beloved title.

And like many other Geoff Johns' re-boots that were passed on (Teen Titans, Booster Gold, etc), Cinar & Levitz wisely pick up from the many story threads that are ripe for the picking from Legion of 3 Worlds and Adventure Comics.  I have always been fascinated with the Legion (and have been enjoying Bedard's spin-off of REBELS) but never pulled the trigger on this book, well until now.

Cinar to me is really evolving in style-- kinda like Tony Daniels back in 2005 on Teen Titans-- but I see a lot of Guillem March and Ivan Reis, (who just so happen to be two of my fave artists) flowing from his clean line work and gorgeous busts.

Oh did I say that Cinar's take on Dawnstar is well about as tasty as we have seen since that fab George Perez cover?!

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