Apr 15, 2010

The Fork Is Not With You Luke - Star Wars ChopSabers

9:03 AM

Is your sashimi or nigiri a bit too raw maybe a bit live for you to consume? Is a fly buzzing around you, irritating you as you try to enjoy your meal? Don't fear my dears, you can slay anything on your plate or that bothersome insect with the use of these lethal utensils - Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks.

These chopsticks- made by Kotobukiya, a manufacturer of manga and anime figurines - are 9 inches in length. They come in 2 sets of 2: the first set includes a red Darth Maul and green Luke Skywalker sabers and the second set contains red Darth Maul and purple Mace Windu sabers. You can even connect the Darth Maul chopsticks to form one double-headed Lightsaber stick.

Not sure how effective this would be in picking up your Saba, Hamachi or Uni but if your waiter is giving you some sass and bad service, take a queue from Darth Maul himself.

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