Mar 15, 2010

They Make Good Dwa-rings Brah:February 2010

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Just because its the shortest month of the year, does not mean there was a shortage of fabulous comic book art. Here is the top 7 artists for the month of February.

7. Riley Rossmo / Cowboy Ninja Viking #4
This artist from our neighbors up north, makes multiple-personality-disorders assassins cool (say that 3 times fast). Double-R uses black and white art with creative color tones to have the uber-violent action jump off the page. Along with writer, A.J Lieberman, CNV is one of the most creative and hilarious books out there.

6. Ethan Van Sciver / Flash:Rebirth #6
This 6-issue mini-series seemed like it took a year to end. Kind of ironic being that this book is about a superhero with super speed. Regardless, I couldn't imagine anyone but EVS to bring back Barry Allen. Well maybe I can think of one other person - Francis Manapul, artist of the new forthcoming Flash series.

5. Rob Guillory / Chew #9
Mr. Guillory perfectly captures the comedic tone of this wonderful book. There is plenty of little funny tidbits within each panel, that if you blink you may miss it. The collaboration with writer John Layman compliment each other quite well.

4. Olivier Coipel / Siege #2
What good ole' Crazy Bob Reynolds does to Ares is a terrifying image that still resonates in my head ever since I picked up this issue. The guts literally hits the fan. Who knew the French had it in them to create some beautifully wicked art.

3. Jerome Opena / Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5
One of the better books no one seems to be reading or even giving any kind of recognition. Those of you who aren't are missing the gorgeous grittiness of Mr. Opena's work.

2. Arthur Adams / Ultimate Comics X #1
Being one of my favorite artists of all time, I was as happy as a fat kid in a donut shop when he was tapped to do this new series. Let's hope we are blessed with his extremely detailed and magnificent work for awhile.

1. Doug Mahnke / Green Lantern #51
The conclusion of the Blackest Night story-arc is almost upon us. The climactic battle between the rainbow warriors and the killer zombies should not be a problem for Mr. Manhke to capture with his phenomenal work. Clearly, the best GN title since the inception of Blackest Night.

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