Mar 5, 2010

Missed Connections- Jonathan Hickman: Fantastic Agent of Pronea

2:32 PM

I was reeled into the visionary, design-heavy-aesthetic world of Jonathan Hickman with Pax Romana-- an ambitious sci-fi/historic piece-- depicting what-if Rome was powered with the military technology of today.  Then I was literally mind-f*cked by his cautionary tale of the nasty-ass orgy amongst the media, big-biz and government in The Nightly News.

Hickman's color palettes and stylistic textile weaves between characters and anything else on the page brought me back to an anime fave from Gonzo studios- Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo.

These days we are treated to all of his glorious indie-cred, writing prowess, OCD-issues (this guy's knack for research is the new standard in comics) and love for glyphs applied to The Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors.

Each of these Marvel titles embody Hickman's passion for merging social commentary within the natural story threads- which is a treat allowing readers to take mental choices on pondering some of the questions that we ask ourselves, or just to read on for your own damn personal entertainment.  We all get to jump down further into the rabbit-hole next month with the release of Hickman's secret history of SHIELD.  Hells yeah!

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