Feb 1, 2010

Johns is Killing It

11:14 AM

Geoff Johns has shown that hard work, extensive research and maniac-level passion can equate to die-hard reader loyalty to the extent that anything bearing the GJ label translates to heavy sales. With Blackest Night: The Atom and Hawkman #46, I found myself following suit with this claim.

In just this one book, Johns effectively characterizes the low-pro heroics of Ray Palmer, especially focused on emotionally charged combat with the primary antagonist (not Hawkman), ex-wife Jean Loring. And as expected with the quirky themes that make the Atom so enthralling, Johns/Sook/Pasarin magnify every interaction between the two-- as they battle it out within the infected ring of Indigo I.


Johns remixes and sequences Gil Kane's The Sword of the Atom with a natural tone that allows Ray Palmer to relive his days as a tribal warrior but with some splashes of indigo, of course.  This beautiful Blackest Night revival special has added some fun to my bin digging adventures as I hunt down some of the OG source material.

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