Feb 16, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Justice League International

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With the DC solicitation for Brightest Day May posted on Newsarama, I nearly wet my pants on a title/movement amounting to three words in print-- JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL! 

And we all know that it's more than just the JLI brand that brings the excitement here...how about the original creative collab of Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire being reunited?!  That's right son!!  The triumvirate will be taking over the reigns of Booster Gold starting on ish #32-- which I would really have been bummed on cos of Jurgens mad-handling of Booster since 52- but come on..we are talking Giffen & DeMatteis on wordsmith baby!!

Maguire will be providing the variant cover treatment with Chris Batista (Last Days of Animal Man) on pencils.

The new 26-issue JLI book, titled Justice League: Generation Lost- will be a bi-weekly title written by Giffen and SF's own Judd Winick, with covers by Tony Harris, variants via Maguire and interior art by Aaron Lopresti(Wonderwoman) & others TBA.  I am thinking about how many different ways the JLI can be re-imagined as a book today and hope for the same level of multi-layered narratives (remember how politics was a major plot-line) and of course, the hilarity we expect from anything JLI.

DC's Brightest Day is seriously amounting to just that with the announcement of these creative collabs along with the Return of Bruce Wayne, a new Green Lantern book with changes in the creative teams and of course Deathstroke's Titans.  May can't come any sooner!!

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