Feb 18, 2010

Goin Local- Mavericks Surf Contest

11:53 AM

The Mavericks Surf Contest is one of the premiere big wave competitions around the world that took place just last week.  The location of the comp is about 20 minutes south of San Francisco, off the coast of Half Moon Bay with massive swells that can reach heights of 50' and with that you get only a few that dare to take on the life-threatening Mt. Everest of surfing.

This year's champ, Chris Bertish repped Cape Town well by bringing back the crown that was also won by a South African in 2006. Peep some of the footage and the wave(at 2:25) that won it for Bertish.

Check this great POV of around 40 fans that were brave/stupid enough to get so close and got more than they hoped of the Mavericks experience.

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