Feb 26, 2010

Dime Pieces - Thrice is Nice Edition

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Today - make that tonight (and if you really want to get specific, Friday night) - your friendly-neighborhood-Chessie brings you a triple multi-nationalistic edition of eye candy on paper. Let's just say I've got the Olympic vapor's. In no particular order (because all these pieces get the gold in my book) is a delegate from the the 2010 Winter Olympic's host country, Canada's Jeff Lemire:

This beautiful panel shows the dark times ahead for the 9-year old boy with antlers, Gus, which will be shown in Sweet Tooth #7 (also written by Mr. Lemire and published through DC's mature reader arm, Vertigo). This event happens after the first story-arc of the book, "Out of the Woods", where Gus has been imprisoned at a camp called The Preserve, where other human/animal hybrids reside. What was thought to be a safe haven for hybrids like Gus, he was taken there under false pretenses by his would-be-protector, Jepperd. I strongly recommend you pick up this post-apocolyptic tale. Sweet Tooth has been on my pull list since inception.

Next up we have Italian artist, Simone Bianchi:

This is the cover for Cable #25. Gorgeous. Of course, most of you know Mr. Bianchi from cover artwork from Green Lantern, Batman, Detective Comics, and Astonishing X-Men to just to name a few.

At last and most definitely not least, is Korean-American and newly appointed Co-Publisher of DC, the incomparable Jim Lee:

This is a piece from the forthcoming book, Icons:The DC Comics & Wildstorm art of Jim Lee. Yes, I know. Please wipe off the drool from the side of your cheek.

As I mentioned, the Olympics are upon us and almost to a close. I am nowhere near a women's iceskating enthusiast. But after seeing the beauty, power, and grace of Mr. Lee's fellow Korean, Kim Yu-Na, I was completely mesmerized. Check out Kim Yu-Na's Olympic world-record, gold medal performance for yourself. It will make you a fan for sure. A beautiful piece indeed.

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big O said...
February 27, 2010 at 4:46 PM

dope write-up on some fab books and nice how you connected this all to some korean ice-skating chick--ha!!!