Jan 23, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- The Brave and the Bold

10:35 AM

The last 5 issues of The Brave and the Bold, known by most readers as the place to find the most oddball team-ups-- has collectively become a centerpiece and model for just beautiful storytelling in the wide, world of comics.

JMS, Jesus Saiz and... one of my fave colorists evar Trish Mulvihill- have consistently delivered punctual books of the highest quality in all the elements of paneling, dialogue, tone and other areas of this artform.  

This one page (by super-sub pencillers Hardin & Justiniano) epitomizes such and captures the unlikely partnership of Ray Palmer and the Joker, where in an intelligent and believable way- the Joker unknowingly plays damsel in distress as the Atom fights through insane memories inside (literally) the deadly mind of the demented clown prince.

Catch these fascinating reads and how can you not want to jump on this fab connect of Wonder-Woman, Zatanna and the original Batgirl- fabulously illustrated by Cliff Chiang.

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