Dec 11, 2009

WTF moment of the week- Batgirl

4:34 PM

Stephanie is again seemingly over her head in a squabble, Oracle is trying to help her with angles when...BAM! Batman and Robin enter for the assist.  The fire dood is about the make Damian burn in hell, when Steph decides it might be good to just freeze all of their asses..

It feels like Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett take pure joy in putting the dysfunctional Bat-fam on blast in each ish. Especially love the perfect setup and imagery in this scene that was eventually going to be captured for our new Robin.

Everything about this title is quality.  Think Batman & Robin, but more of the girly twist- Oracle & Batgirl.  Now that would have been a sick moniker!  The combo of Miller/Garbett and sweet Phil Noto covers are keeping me plugged into their misadventures.

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