Dec 29, 2009

Way is Killing It

12:39 PM

Daniel Way is closing in on the glorious end to his Wolverine: Origins book as reported by CBR. Through the last 43 issues, Way has delivered on fluid, consistent (never missed an ish!) and well-researched storytelling that has helped to breathe new life and develop rich sub-plots to the Wolverine mythos.

First, we were treated to a new look Logan- now armed or disarmed with all the memories of his bloody trail that has made him the the mysterious, crazed pseudo-ninja, heart and soul of the X-Men.  Just when we think the vast, unknown of Wolverine's history was to go public-- Way angled new wrinkles to clamor over like Logan's son, Daken.

The reader is treated to a multi-layered, fresh perspective of Logan in how much more deadly and vicious he could have been: as seen by the savage, maniacal- yet calculating methods of Daken & the rare, more human side of Wolvie- in how he strives to find a path of redemption for his son, which Logan knows in many ways are no longer possible for himself.

Way introduced another challenge for Wolverine in the Origins arc, by pitting our hero against another deadly foe- Romulus.  It will be a treat to see how Way unravels these last few issues and learning whether Daken's fate will rest by the side of his father, or taking on the legacy of the violent, historic clash between the feral immortals- like that of Romulus & Logan.

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