Dec 10, 2009

Manapul is Killing It

10:57 PM

Francis Manapul and Geoff Johns are sadly closing their run on Adventure Comics next month and besides incredible variants that we get to enjoy, there is around a 3 month wait till the release of Flash: Secret Files and Origins.

Manapul has truly found his technique that seems just so perfect for this medium which
blends more of a cartoon feel versus some of the dark, real-tones that seem more prevalent (perhaps with stories like Blackest Night and Dark Reign it is fitting tho) in books.  I appreciate how visceral his Barry feels and from gorgeous iterations of Supergirl and Wonder-Woman, I expect equally eye-popping versions of Jesse Quick, Iris and other prominent Flash-fam.

Peep this dope interview (during which he starts and finishes a nice sketch) thanks to CHIUStream that reveals Francis' secret origin on breaking into comics and some other insights and cool, intimate stories.

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