Nov 8, 2009

Tan is Killing It

6:35 PM

Philip Tan is our new-millenium version of Marc Silvestri.  From the fantabulous Green Lantern to Batman & Robin stints, next up Tan will be teaming with Dan Didio on the Outsiders starting next month.

Though I am sad to see Tomasi and Pasarin moving on-
from every interview and killer cover teases like this, (if you are a Tan fan you must follow him as he is super active) things look to only get better and both creators are promising on latitude with existing scripts.

I for one love that the DC big cheese is putting himself out there which Didio is doing following such the talented wordsmith, but I am sure Tan feels a sense of validation in his selection as artist along with being promised heightened duties in the fleshing out and plotting of the stories.

Really anticipating his fab renditions of Katana, Halo and Deathstroke!

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