Oct 12, 2009

WTF moment of the week- Blackest Night Superman

10:00 PM

So this is from last month but I just had to rock this so special moment captured by James Robinson and Eddy Barrows in Blackest Night: Superman 2.  The obvious awesomeness of Blackest Night has been watching characters that have been long-gone come back on the scene, like Black Lantern- Psycho Pirate!

BLPP just rolls through the scene doing his thing, playing mindtricks on fools when all of a sudden he even uses love, or lust in a way that makes one think who thought up the term GILF??  Yep, probably some wanker chilling in a pub all day.

Have to also give a shout to Rod Reis(colors) who has blown me away beyond any other BN book on his visual-play of the emotional spectrum to the extreme!!!  F*cking sick! 


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