Oct 26, 2009

Classic Material- The Judas Contract

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After reading recent story arcs of Booster Gold and Blackest Night: Titans, I couldn't help reminisce on one of the most lasting Titans story arcs ever penned- The Judas Contract.

The legendary trio of George Perez, Marv Wolfman and Dick Giordano created an arc that still feels innovative and fresh reading it 25 years from it's original print run.  No doubt the character designs and overall style is somewhat aged, but seeing Jericho sporting his fro and Donna with the Fawcett doo adds to the charm and fun of it all.

The Judas Contract is a story that covers the naivete of the young heroes in a manner that is simple yet profound by cleverly being told as a modern interpretation of the first betrayal of Jesus in the New Testament, without having much of a religious tone.

In the first two chapters the stage is set with Terra showing signs of her eventual betrayal and is slowly unravelled as Dick Grayson learns of Deathstroke's single-handed defeat of each Titan.  The "contract" being carried out by Slade to take down the Teen Titans was previously held with his son, the late Ravager with a terrorist unit the H.I.V.E.

The manner in which Deathstroke defeats each member is based on very intimate knowledge of each individual member- like knowledge of  their hobbies, family or personality issues- not by mere gunfire and sword-slashing.  

In the case with Gar (Beast Boy), Slade played to his insatiable ego by staging a fake meeting with his fans/groupies and all in all poisoned his ass with the use of envelopes to hold his autographs.  The scene is so damn funny.

To follow there is a great origin tale of Deathstroke by his ex-wife...

the debut of Nightwing..

And the eventual death of Terra.  The story comments on the nature of innate evil as only seen by Slade's wife, her son Jericho who is a mute and the supposed "badguy," Deathstroke.  Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes believe Terra was simply seduced and is given a "heroes" ceremony.

All of this is masterfully told in only four books, which of course re-told today would be a year-long crossover event.  Props to the early pioneers- Perez, Giordano and Wolfman for gracing us with this timeless classic.

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big O said...
October 28, 2009 at 12:13 PM

So dope that the legend posted our words on his site!