Sep 8, 2009

Lantern Bling Rings Breakdown

4:30 PM

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, DC Comics will be giving away the full color spectrum of the Lantern Rings with the Blackest Night crossover books. The following are the the books/release dates and the color rings you will receive (and their free, hootie-hoo!!!):

Doom Patrol #4 /Nov. 4 (yellow ring)
Booster Gold #26 / Nov. 18 (orange ring)

Justice League #39 / Dec. 2 (red ring)
Blackest Night #5 / Dec. 16 (green ring)

Adventure Comics #4 / Dec. 30 (blue ring)
R.E.B.E.L.S #10 / Jan. 13 (indigo ring)
Outsiders #24 /Jan. 27 (violet ring)

If you are dying to get a hold of all rings so you can flash these colorful plastic collectibles at your local grocery store or discotech, make sure to put these issues on your pull list. Some comic book stores may allow your to pre-order these issues. Check accordingly so you can guarantee your fingers will be wearing these hot items.

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