Sep 24, 2009

if you don't know, now you know- Detective Comics

5:43 PM

It has been several months now that the comics world has been without the only name we can all really tie to Batman, Bruce Wayne.  But the power and history of a character so profound as his has an equally vast family unit and of the many Batman Reborn titles that has been garnering our attention, Detective Comics has been the surprising lead title.


Morrison's Batman & Robin probably has the higher sales figures of the Batman Reborn books and I for one never thought i would say what I did.  Dan DiDio knew this sometime ago though...I recall it was on a DC Nation podcast after Bruce got his from Darkseid in Final Crisis.  What I remember DiDio saying simply was, Batwoman kicks ass!  And that she does..


More appropriately, Greg Rucka and JH Williams III are just making other books look pale and lame in comparison.  Of this week's solid releases- Blackest Night: Superman, Giant Size Old Man Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Wolverine Origins, Fantastic Four, Superman: Secret Origins, etc..Detective is the title I read first and re-read (out of pure enjoyment) even before picking up the others.

In just four issues, Rucka and Williams have gotten me utterly excited and salivating about what comes next for Kate Kane to the point that I have hunted out all of the 52 and Final Crisis: Revelations titles that have centered around her.  The delicate attention and imaginative beauty that is seen in the panel arrangements and word bubbles are just f*cking crazy. 

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